Habitat for Humanity of Bergen County depends upon Volunteer Committees for support to accomplish its goals

Construction / Site Selection
To coordinate labor, plans, materials and family interests to build the finish product, "a simple, decent house in a decent community for God's people in need."

Corporate Governance
Responsible for ongoing review and recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of the board of directors.

Family Support
To provide support to new Habitat families as they make the transition to becoming new home owners.

Family Selection
The committee organizes and carries out application, interview, and selection processes. We find the families who fit the criteria of need for shelter, ability to make no-interest loan payments, and ability to partner with Habitat for Humanity.

Budgeting, accounting, grant applications & all items related to the fiscal responsibilities of the affiliate.

Fund Development
To raise money as determined by the Board of Directors to fund the needs of the organization in order that simple, decent housing can be built with Partner Families.

Individuals interested in becoming a member of the Board are invited to submit a letter to the Nominating Committee at

Advisory Committee
To expand the affiliates group of corporate and community individuals and increase the retention of past Board member.

There are various ad hoc committees formed throughout the year.  

If you are interested in joining a committee, please call the office at  201-457-1020 or 

EMAIL us at: